Sarah Beltran
Portrayed by Julia Montes
Biographical Information
Full name: Sarah Beltran
Born: May 7, 1996
Age: 18
Father: Nicolas (biological)
Mother: Marietta
Carissa (biological)
Siblings: Leonel
Relatives: Elvira (grandmother)
Bernardo (grandfather)
Friends: Natalia
Character Information
Also portrayed by: Belle Mariano
First appearance: Episode 3
Episode Count: 24 episodes
Sarah Beltran is a main character in Muling Buksan Ang Puso. She is a tough and loving daughter who will do anything in order for her mother to love her.


She was born to Carissa dela Vega and Nicolas Salazar, but at the suggestion of Elvira Santelices to Marietta Beltran, she was switched at birth with Marietta's son, Francis dela Vega.




  • She is the biological daughter of Carissa and Nicolas.
  • She is a scholarship student at St. Romulus College in Manila.
  • She has Type AB blood type.
  • She is older than Francis by a few minutes.
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